The struggles of Blackberry to make its way back to the smartphone market has been well-documented. What hasn’t been talked about that much is the fact that they’re also trying to up its software game by creating apps that not only Blackberry users will find useful, but other Android users as well. They have the Hub+ suite of apps that seem to be pretty well-received. A new addition to this is the Notable app, a content creation and sharing app. However, it’s only available for Blackberry Android devices for now.

The app basically lets you capture content on screen, either by screencapping or inserting an image from your gallery. You can then mark it up through text or free-form drawing tools, whichever is more efficient or more appropriate. Finally, you will be able to quickly share the image to your colleagues or friends either from the app directly or through other apps like Evernote, OneNote, or if you’re a Blackberry loyalist, through BBM or Hub. You can even set it up that you have a quick sharing option with your preferred app.

The app is pretty useful for things like quickly jotting down notes that you need to share with your colleagues later on or making corrections/revisions on a submitted document or artwork, when it’s much easier to mark it up than to write an email with the details. You can also use it to mark a location on a map, make a funny meme for friends using pictures from the party last weekend or a birthday card for a loved one.

For now, the Notable app is only available for Blackberry Android devices like PRIV, DTEK50, and DTEK60. But soon, it will be available for all other Android devices. If you own any of the devices mentioned, you can now download the app from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Blackberry