We cant’ say Bixby is a favorite because we’re not sure if it can be placed well beside Alexa or the Google Assistant. Samsung has yet to prove the wonders of Bixby but we remain positive that the Bixby 2.0 will be one smarter assistant. More improvements are on the way as a software update is ready. There aren’t many problems with Bixby but it’s not quite ready yet. It’s been delayed because of lack of big data. It was also challenged to learn languages beyond Korea.

The latest update for Bixby, specifically for the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8, disables the Bixby button’s previous function to wake up the phone. It was only an option to disable but now it is permanent. This means users will no longer wake up device “by accident”. You see, the Bixby button sometimes work like a power button, waking up the phone. Pressing on it will no longer wake up the screen because Bixby won’t recognize anything.

To be clear, this update kills the Bixby key if it is already disabled. No more surprise activations or waking up because the Bixby won’t be recognized at all.

That’s just one change but another major change is that Bixby analyzes saved contacts whenever a call command is given to Bixby. Hopefully, with this improvement, Bixby will be able to “call” those people you really want to call up. The Samsung Galaxy app on the Galaxy S8, S8+, or the Galaxy Note 8 will receive the updates once you click on the Update all button on My apps> Update found under the three-dot buttons.