Bixby 2.0

We heard it right: Bixby has a new version. Bixby 2.0 was just introduced by a company executive at the Samsung Developer Conference held in San Francisco. The SDC 2017 was the launching pad of this smart assistant platform that aims to transform digital lives of loyal Samsung fans. There are a handful of similar AI assistant in the consumer electronics market today but this Bixby is mainly targeted for Samsung users.

It was only last week when we earned Samsung was working on Bixby 2.0. Major improvements are expected to be on the way and now we’ve got a lowdown on them.

The original Bixby has seen some challenges the past few month but the South Korean tech giant seems to want to rectify them with this new version. Bixby 2.0 improvements are significant and hopefully, they will help usher the mobile industry into the next level. The smartphone game isn’t leveling up as fast as in the past decade but the phone can still be “smarter” with AI. If not artificial intelligence, there’s VR and AR.

The Bixby intelligent assistant is available in more than 200 countries. There are over 10 million users but we don’t know the regularity and frequency of usage especially since there are still some issues. Samsung innovates the Bixby with a new version. It will be available on most devices—not only on Samsung phones. It will bring the power of the cloud and work as a control hub for all other smart products owned by a consumer. With Bixby 2.0, more developers and brands will also be able to incorporate Bixby on their products and services.

Expect Bixby 2.0 to be more personal and have more natural language capabilities. It will also be open now to more ecosystems, developers, services, and apps so users will be able to incorporate the smart assistant across many and different domains. The software isn’t fully ready yet but the private beta program has been announced for a select group of developers.

SOURCE: Samsung