WebOS may be doomed, but there’s still plenty of interest in the HP TouchPad, due to the dual charms of insane firesale pricing and an increasingly stable Android port. If you missed your chance to pick one up when inventories were liquidated, everyone’s favorite evil electronics retailer Best Buy has your back. Not that you should show it to them. Limited stocks of 32GB TouchPads are available for the low, low price of $149… as long as you buy an HP-branded PC as well.

HP announced earlier that they’ve abandoned their plans to sell off the PC division, but that WebOS, the TouchPad, and most of the employees left in the mobile division will be let go. The limited TouchPad-computer sale will begin on November 1st, and laptops, desktops and all-in-ones are included in the “bargain”. Prices for the computers themselves weren’t mentioned – perhaps you could pick up a $300 netbook to qualify? Online customers will be able to purchase the combo as well.

I suppose there are a few people who could genuinely take advantage of this. Christmas is coming up, so the chance to get a 10-inch tablet for even less than a Kindle Fire is alluring, assuming you were already planning on buying a computer and you’ve got another $150 to spend. And if you’re absolutely set on getting your TouchPad on, you could always sell the computer on Craigslist and eat the difference – it’s still a pretty amazing deal for hardware that cost $500 or more a few months ago.

To get a good look at the Android community’s efforts so far, check out our hands-on of CyanogenMod on the TouchPad below:

[vms 6fcaf2674f757a2463eb]

[via TechCrunch]



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