After a series of rumors and leaks that were followed by a delay caused by an apk leak, BlackBerry finally launched BBM for Android last week. The app began with a slow rollout that required a wait list. But even with that list, BlackBerry seems to have moved users through rather quickly. There was mention of 5 million users having downloaded the app shortly after launch, and now it looks like the next milestone has been achieved.

The folks at BlackBerry have dropped the wait list requirement. Basically, users can now sign up at will and begin chatting on BBM. This of course, comes along with further word of the 10 million milestone. While there was no specifics in terms of the number, the Play Store listing is showing the installs as being above the 10 million mark. Specifically, as sitting somewhere in the 10 – 50 million milestone.

While the initial release was something many had been waiting for, we cannot help but wonder how many of these 10 million (plus) installations will convert into regular users. Without trying to bash BlackBerry, or BBM by itself, we can say that we know more than a few personally who downloaded the app for the sole reason of getting a PIN and testing the app. And in that group, many of those have already uninstalled.

If you happen to fall into the category of actually using BBM, we would love to hear the reason. Catching up with older friends, catching up with friends that are still rocking a BlackBerry, or possibly BBM is offering something that other messaging platforms have yet to offer you personally. As for us, BBM seems solid enough, however while it was gone cross platform, there is one platform still missing — the desktop. Now, if we could just move past this fake review controversy.