The BlackBerry Messenger app has finally arrived on Android and iOS, but it is not without its quirks. Despite that, according to BlackBerry, the reception has been extremely positive, leading one to believe in the future of the messaging platform.

The BBM app is available for Android and iOS, but apparently on Android it presents the user with a persistent notification in the status bar, which may annoy a few people who prefer to keep that area of their device neat and tidy. Responding to user feedback, BlackBerry has introduced an option to toggle the icon, but users might want to keep that feature on if they want to be assured of being able to send or receive messages at all times.

It’s not entirely BBM’s fault though. The way Android is designed, apps that are not currently running in the foreground are eventually closed, especially when memory goes down quite low. Apps that want to always be running, regardless of state or the device’s memory, are required to make their presence known with a notification icon. A messaging app such as BBM, thus, has no choice but to display the icon in order to be left alone, ensuring that messages are received and delivered at all times.

That may not be much of a price to pay for the 5 million users that the app already has. That number comes straight from BlackBerry, who reported on the first 8 hours of the app’s existence for both Android and iOS. The numbers are quite impressive indeed, thoujght it remains to be seen if this will translate to long-term users as time passes by.

VIA: Android Central, The Next Web