If the latest figures from BlackBerry‘s press release are to believed, the newly released BlackBerry Messenger app has quickly surged into popularity, making up for its extremely late arrival. According to the latest tally, the app has been download more than 10 million times on Android and iOS in just a day, making it one of the, if not the, highest-grossing app on both mobile platforms.

BBM for Android finally arrived on Monday after months of waiting and a month-long delay blamed on a pre-released version leaking out to eager users. The app is available for free, but those who install it will yet again be faced with a period of waiting, though shorter this time, for accounts to get activated in batches. There is one minor issue with BBM for Android related to the ever-present notification icon, but overall the app actually seemed to quite solid and does what it’s supposed to do: connect with other BBM users.

And there seems to be still quite a lot of them around, based on some released statistics. BlackBerry reported that within 8 hours, the app has been downloaded 5 million times and now, 24 hours after launch, it has been download 10 million times. The company doesn’t mention how the numbers are split between Android and iOS, but the BBM page on Google Play Store indicates a range of 1 to 5 million downloads. That, unfortunately, doesn’t give us any idea on the number of unique individuals downloading the app or the number of account activations so far.

Nonetheless, BlackBerry is quite confident with the overwhelming positive response to the app, earning 60,000 five-star reviews on Google Play Store. The real litmus test, however, will be coming in the next few days and weeks, when the novelty of the new app has somewhat settled down and true BBM users start settling in.

VIA: SlashGear