If you’re an AT&T customer jealous of your HTC Vivid-packing friends with their fancy-pants Ice Cream Sandwich update, take heart: you might not have to wait too long before you get your own. The carrier confirmed a total of ten new devices for an Ice Cream Sandwich update, though it didn’t say when beyond “the coming months”. Most are high-end smartphones from major brandsm but there’s at least a couple of surprises waiting in the wings. AT&T notes that the Vivid’s update is the first to be issued by a wireless carrier, which is technically true if you only count the United States.

Without further ado: Samsung’s Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy Note, Captivate Glide and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will all receive Ice Cream Sandwich updates. The Motorola ATRIX 2 gets an obvious update, but surprisingly, so does the original ATRIX. Pantech gets both its Burst smartphone and the new Element tablet updated, and LG rounds out the pack with the Nitro. AT&T didn’t say that these were the only devices getting updated, but taking a look at their current Android stable, it’s entirely possible.

Aside from the HTC Vivid itself, only the Samsung Galaxy S II has an Ice Cream Sandwich update available from the manufacturer, and that’s for the more standardized international version. LG, Motorola and Pantech have been pretty quiet about their plans (Samsung has previously indicated that the Note, Skyrocket and Galaxy Tab 8.9 would be updated eventually). Given that the HTC Vivid’s international counterparts were updated to Android 4.0 just last week, we can hope that this means AT&T is actively trying to speed up the normally glacial update process.

[via TechCrunch]