Last week we got a sneak preview at Ice cream Sandwich running on the HTC Vivid, but now it looks like everyone can join in on the fun. HTC tweeted that the update would be going out over AT&T’s servers starting today, so if you’re still rocking the stock software, head to your Settings>AT&T Software Update menu to search for a manual update. The tweet linked to an official AT&T service page, so presumably the update is being sent out immediately.

We did a thorough hands-on of the Vivid’s new software last week, and came away impressed. Sense 3.6 isn’t drastically different from its previous version, but there are enough changes to make the upgrade more than worth it. All the standard Ice Cream Sandwich features are present, if somewhat hidden: face unlock, automatic homescreen folders, and (yes!) the ability to disable system apps. HTC’s added Beats audio to the update, though you’ll need to plug in some headphones to take advantage of it. The update seems to significantly improve the Vivid’s benchmark scores, though I haven’t noticed any serious changes in performance. Check out the hands-on here.

Our previously updated review unit isn’t getting any notifications, so this is almost certainly the same version that was leaked earlier. If you’ve already updated via the leak or less official means, congratulations. If you’re planning on applying the update immediately, you’ll want to get to a WiFi network, especially if you’re on a limited data plan. The software is over 300 megabytes thanks to HTC and AT&T’s additions. Never fear, root users: there should be a root method for the update soon, if there isn’t one already.


  1. It seems pretty good so far. Is anyone else having an issue with text messages and when you turn your phone off, or restart it.. it says upgrading every time? My phone keeps saying upgrading every time I restart it. I hope this issue doesn’t stay.

  2. Update from HTC they allow to download the update you have to re lock boot loader to apply the update is fine on my way to root it


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