Unlimited data plans aren’t old news after all. When Verizon said there would be no more such plan from them, we thought it would be the end for unlimited data. Other mobile carriers maintained theirs and so Verizon offered a new one called the Unlimited Together. T-Mobile ONE soon countered Verizon Unlimited with added freebies and a new deal.

Last month, AT&T announced a new Unlimited Plan for postpaid consumers and business customers. And now, the company is making another announcement. AT&T GoPhone is now offering a new Unlimited Data with no annual contract and endless entertainment. This plan is available with a monthly fee of $60 after signing up for AutoPay. A related GoPhone plan is also ready but with 6GB of high-speed data for a more affordable price of $40.

AT&T’s GoPhone Unlimited plans delivers unlimited talk, text and data up to 3Mbps. It’s ideal for basic web surfing, social media, and regular streaming. No overage charges will be incurred but after using up 22GB of data, AT&T will automatically slow down speed especially during network congestion.

The unlimited plan also includes free use when you’re in Canada or Mexico. AT&T won’t be charging you for extra if you’re in those North American countries or sending texts or making calls between them.

If you plan on getting more phones, Multi-Line discounts are also offered. This new deal is great for small businesses or families who need to be connected all the time. You are free to add or remove lines whenever you want. More discounts can be given the more lines you get with a maximum savings of $600. For select smartphones, AT&T GoPhone subscribers can avail of $20 more discount until the 20th of April.

Note that the plan requires AutoPay signup. What’s best about this is that you don’t have to sign a contract or commitment.

VIA: SlashGear