ATT 5GE icon

The superfast 5G mobile Internet connection is real. We’ve been keeping track of the tech’s progress since 2015 when we first mentioned the 20GBs per second 5G network would be making its debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T have started 5G trials while teaming up with OEMs like Nokia and Samsung for more tests and improvements. As for AT&T, it started trial tests for 5G in 2016 and collaborated with Nokia for connectivity trials.

AT&T previously launched Project Air Gig to bring ultra-fast wireless broadband. It was believed to be the “5G Evolution” but we thought it’s probably just enhanced 4G.

In January last year, AT&T said it will launch mobile 5G to consumers. AT&T was once reported to be speeding up mobile 5G with multi-gigabit speeds and more testing.

Before 2018 ended, AT&T teamed up with Samsung to deliver 5G mobile internet this year. We’re not sure about the status of other network’s 5G but AT&T is reportedly using the 5G icon incorrectly. Because of this Verizon started to call on the industry to label 5G correctly.

AT&T offers the 5G Evolution service but it’s not exactly 5G. It’s more of an enhanced 4G. The network responded already and said the 5GE is to let a customer know he is within an area where enhanced experience is available. To be fair, AT&T has always been public about the progress of the 5G Evolution.

AT&T SVP for Wireless Technology Igal Elbaz explained, “All of our investment in the infrastructure and hardware is all 5G ready, so the moment the 5G software and the 5G devices show up, it’s a software upgrade to our network to enable our customers to move to 5G.”

We don’t think there is deception. It’s just misleading and in this day and age, unfortunately, people can be gullible. Knowledge is power but sometimes, the bigger names still need to be more careful in their practices because people will believe what they want to believe.

VIA: TomsGuide