ASUS Zenfone 4 Android Oreo Project Treble

Not many phone manufacturers or OEMs are offering support for Project Treble but there is a move to offer such in the future. It’s just that many of the current devices out on the market don’t have the requirements for it. OnePlus made it known that it cannot support Project Treble yet. The Nokia 8 is also not able to support such. In case you’ve missed what Project Treble is about, know that it’s an effort to develop a modular Android OS. It promises quick version updates and aims to revolutionize porting of Oreo AOSP custom ROMs.

Project Treble isn’t easy as it seems. No wonder not many OEMs have offered support for it. But good thing there are brave and kind groups that are willing to risk and try the trouble Treble. Ideally, the Project Treble can allow a system image to boot across multiple devices. A single system image is enough but unfortunately, not many companies support it, at least, not yet.

As for ASUS, there may be limits but it went ahead to release Android Oreo that can deliver Project Treble support for the ZenFone 4 sans the separate vendor partition. You see, a partition is usually needed to hold those Binary Large Objects or BLOBs. ASUS made it happen but the experience won’t be complete. It’s not as useful to custom ROM development. It won’t be able to boot on other ASUS phone models as well but it can still benefit other custom ROM developers as the BLOBS are already standardized.

The Project Treble support presented by ASUS for the ZenFone 4 may not help other devs come up with a universal system image but it will help custom ROM development. In the near future, it should be easy for ASUS to make similar system images or custom ROMs.

VIA: XDA Developers


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