Google has already introduced Project Treble but we have yet to know more about it. Project Treble dreams of a modular Android OS and promises quick updates in the future. It is said to be capable of revolutionizing porting of Oreo AOSP custom ROMs but unfortunately, not many OEMs are able to support the project. The Nokia 8 can’t support it yet as we mentioned recently and one of the few companies vocal about its opinion on the Project Treble is OnePlus.

You see, there are users who are campaigning for the project to be supported on the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5. A petition has been up on but at this point, the Chinese OEM knows it can’t work on Project Treble yet so it is setting the record straight for the first time.

OnePlus may not be ready for Project Treble yet but it has assured the consumers that updates will be regular and more stable. The company isn’t implementing Project Treble on the 5T and OnePlus 5 because they don’t feature a partition that is a requirement. There is a possibility they can be modified but with the danger of bricking.

If we’re just talking about software updates being released faster than before, OnePlus has no problem with that. It always rolls out stable updates and enhancements almost monthly on most devices. It’s not clear whether OnePlus will implement the technology in the next phones or not so we’ll see.



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