The Asus Transformer tablet has been a hot item over the last few weeks, only problem is no one can find it in stock. We have mentioned it a few times at places like Walmart, K-Mart, Target and more but it looks to be in-stock and ready to ship with FREE 2-Day shipping at my favorite online store called

If you have not been paying attention the Android 3.1 update for Honeycomb has just started hitting the Transformer. So you can get it now and have it delivered by Saturday and have that update waiting for you. Newegg usually ships same day if you order before around 3:00 PST (I know from many many purchases) so for those that can’t wait order now and choose next day shipping if you want it tomorrow.

The developers at XDA already have the Transformer chugging along at over 1.4 Ghz so you basically just need to buy it and enjoy the party. If you’d like to see more before you purchase you can read our mini-review here.