ASUS’ latest creation surprised as a bit at the Zenvolution. We were expecting a new notebook but the Taiwanese tech giant released something different: a robot. It’s not really a new thing but a home robot is not yet a standard. With the launch of the Zenbo, we can can expect that the horizon will change and make robots more common. We’re guessing that after ASUS, more companies will follow suit.

The Zenbo used to be a dream for ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih. It has become a reality, hoping to give a headstart to the robotic computing technology for the home. There’s the Amazon Echo and Google Home already but the two look boring compared to the Zenbo. The latter was designed to look like a real robot. It will kinda remind you of BB-8 as it can “walk” on its own. It won’t roll but its body looks like BB-8’s. So yeah, with Zenbo, you’ll have your own R2-D2 or BB-8, only this one can do more expect for shoot the enemies.

Zenbo can do a lot of things. It can offer assistance, companionship, information, and entertaining. You only need one Zenbo per household and it can store data about each family member. The home robot is exactly what we imagine one will be although there may still be limits. It’s best for those with senior family members as Zenbo will remind them to take their meds and take care of their health. It will also help them get connected with family. If there’s a minor accident at home, Zenbo will notify a family member.

Zenbo can help you finish a number of simple tasks like email, social media, video calls, watching TV shows or movies, or shopping. You don’t have to type because voice commands will be enough. For the parents, Zenbo can be your child’s bestfriend. It may never replace a pet but your kid will be entertained with interactive games and stories. Zenbo can share a lot of stories from its built-in library. Zenbo will entertain like a real storyteller with different voices, images, and even room lighting.

The ASUS Zenbo can also work as a smart home controller. It can integrate with other smart home devices like TVs, lights, or air conditioners. It can work as a digital cookbook, reminder, calendar, or nanny. It can also function as a security camera when you’re away from home.

ASUS Zenbo FeaturesThese are just some of the many things Zenbo can do. With the Zenbo Developer Program, we’re sure developers will be able to make more exciting features. We’ll see where the Zenbo SDK will take this home robot. Still no word on pricing and availability but we’re crossing our fingers this smart little companion from ASUS will set a precedent for other OEMs to make their own and finally start the era of home robots.



  1. I want one and wish that it could climb stairs or recognize when it’s been relocated on various floors within a home. Even better, I wish that it could knock on doors and make announcements on any floor. But I suppose that as it stands, I could easily live with it on the main floor.

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