Amazon Echo, that speaker and personal digital assistant hybrid that seems to be a hit with its small but growing user base, has added another feature that should please those who have a very busy business and social life. The Echo and its digital assistant Alexa are adding a new feature with its latest update, giving you the ability to add events to your Google Calendar through voice commands. So anywhere you are in your house or office, as long as your Echo can hear you, then you can fill up your calendar, all without typing a word.

Previously, you could actually ask Alexa to read back to you your schedule for the day, or any day that you want. But you still had to type it out on your smartphone or tablet or laptop if you wanted to add a new event to your Google Calendar. But with the latest update, you can just tell your Echo to add an event to your calendar or even be more specific like, “Add meeting with big boss to my calendar for Friday, 10AM”.

You did always have the ability to use voice commands to add events through “ok Google”. But having it on your Amazon Echo (if you have one that is) is always a good thing as you can do it even when you’re doing another activity and you suddenly remembered to add an event. No need to reach for your phone, just make sure Alexa hears you.

This is just the latest in the things that Amazon has added to its always-listening speakers, which includes Spotify integration, finding local businesses through Yelp, and integrating with SmartThings products. The update should be rolling out to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap users. The Alexa mobile app should also be up to date in order for this to work.

VIA: SlashGear


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