While owners of Asus’ swanky new Eee Pad Transformer Prime are already enjoying an official Ice Cream Sandwich update, owners of the OG Transformer have been left out in the cold. The company originally committed to a February release for the Android 4.0 update, not long after the January update for the Prime. Now Asus Singapore’s Facebook page has stated that the upgrade will be delayed, possibly until March, disappointing Android enthusiasts all over the world.

Asus has been comparatively fast with their updates so far, keeping the Eee Pad Transformer on recent releases of Honeycomb and upgrading the Transformer Prime just a month after its public release. Compare that to just about ever Android tablet manufacturer (with the exception of Motorola and the XOOM, a developer device) who almost never distribute timely updates. Considering the good will that Asus earned wit the Prime’s update and its bootloader unlock program, this is a disappointing turn of events.

Asus didn’t offer a reason for the delay; the Transformer’s hardware is more than capable of running ICS, and its software has a minimal deviation from AOSP code. The delay shouldn’t be set in stone – the various international arms of Asus have contradicted each other before, especially on social networks. In the meantime there’s a few options for the modder crowd, which have already begun delivering Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs based on Android’s open source code.

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[via Android Police]