Asus has worked commendably fast on bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to its flagship tablet, the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Just two months after the open source code for Android 4.0 was available, an official update is ready for any who want to download it. But apparently not everyone is tasting the ice cream just yet: several XDA members report that their tablets are displaying a serial number error when applying the update, and keeping the software from installing.

Asus says that it has identified and replicated the serial number issue, and is working on a fix. Demonstrating remarkable customer communication, Asus’ Technical Marketing Manager Gary Key responded to the thread directly, working with individuals and coordinating with the engineering department to develop a fix. While a permanent solution is forthcoming, Key recommends performing a factory data reset, then leaving the Transformer Prime connected to a WiFi network and waiting for the update alert to appear.

Unfortunately, the serial number issue isn’t the only one to crop up. Some users are also reporting that after the update their screen locks up, essentially making the tablet unusable. Key advises that Asus is aware of this problem as well and is trying to replicate it, with a fix coming soon. These problems are unfortunately rather typical for OS updates, and at the moment seem to be isolated to a small number of users. The much-anticipated bootloader unlock should come sometime next month.

[via Cnet]