Another day, another benchmark leak – still of the highly anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. This SoC has already been officially launched, and in fact, it has already been used by the Le Max Pro handset by China-based manufacturer LeTV. But it probably isn’t official in the minds of people unless they see it in a flagship – like the Samsung Galaxy S7 which will be launching pretty soon. Until then, we will continue to have benchmarks like this.


A recent test using GFXBench featured a device using the SD820 chipset. The specs of the device were a bit unorthodox – it had a 6.2-inch screen with 2560×1600 resolution. Supporting it was 4GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Everything was running under Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Remember that the SD820 sports two 2.1GHz Kryo and two 1.6GHz Kryo cores, backstopped by the Adreno 530 GPU.


On the famous GFX 3.0 Manhattan test, it ran head to head with the Google Pixel C device powered by an NVIDIA Tegra X1 device with that 256-core Maxwell GPU, and beat the iPhone 6S Plus handily. On the more taxing GFX 3.1 Manhattan test, the SD820 could only give around 31.5 frames per second, beaten by the Tegra X1’s 35.5fps. Still, this is almost double the 17fps result of the SD810, the flagship SoC one generation behind.


Also, given that the SD820 was pushing more pixels to the unorthodox large display, this was a good performance altogether. The only question mark is if Qualcomm has left behind the overheating nightmares of the SD810. We will see soon enough.

VIA: Android Headlines