Wow! Those Angry Birds aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. After launching the all new Angry Birds Space in late March, it quickly was downloaded around 50 million times by the end of April. Now just 1 month later those Space birds have reached a huge milestone — 100 million downloads according to a tweet earlier today by the company.

In just under 30 days the popular game was downloaded over 50 million times, and now has doubled into a rather large number. When you really think about how many people are playing Angry Birds it really is astounding. The game is obviously highly addicting and if you haven’t tried it you should check out our Angry Birds Space review.

Between the new levels recently released, Angry Birds Heikki coming this month, and an actual Angry Birds theme park opening in the UK the folks from Rovio are rolling along quite well in 2012. If the franchise continues to grow like this we all might be using an Angry Birds Facebook phone come next year.

Do you still play Angry Birds? Or only have it downloaded and installed to keep your kids entertained and busy?


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