Android Wear 2.0

A few days ago, we reported that Android Wear products are no longer available on Google Store. We’re pretty there is a good reason for that and the products are just out of stock. Google isn’t giving up on this category. In fact, more updates are coming for the wearable OS. Android Wear 2.0 features will be updated soon to benefit more app developers and smartwatch users. One you update the Android Wear app, expect other wearable apps will also follow.

The OTA will roll out anytime soon so watch out for that. With the update, expect new features and bug fixes, improved Play Store discoverability for new Android Wear users, reduced accidental entry into the watch face picker, and third-party chat support in Contacts. These are just some enhancements to the platform but more will be coming in the next few months. We’re not anticipating for Android Wear 3.0 yet so for now, enjoy what your Android Wear 2.0 device can offer you.

Google has been working hard to improve the system. The Google Play policy was updated so more standalone apps are supported with multi-APK. Android Wear is now in Google Mobile Management. We also know more smartwatches will receive Android Wear 2.0 which means more people will be able to enjoy the new features.

SOURCE: Android Wear Developers