This has been another busy week for the Android platform. With CTIA happening, the G2 finally releasing to the public, and many new announcements regarding hardware that will be running Android, Android Community has sure been busy this 40th week of 2010.


The first big set of announcements this week happened at Sprint’s press conference at CTIA. First introducing a new, package based, way to completely customize your phone, Sprint ID looks like a great way for users and companies alike to be able to further customize their homescreens. On top of the Sprint ID announcements, Sprint announced not one – but three new handsets set to release this year. A 2.1 running slider named the Samsung Transform, a 2.2 budget Android phone priced under $50 named the LG Optimus, and the new ultra-stylish Sanyo Zio. All phones are set to launch within the coming months.

The G2 was officially released to the public, even though it’s official release day was altered to accompany early release. The initial impressions of the device have been solid so far even with some handsets not being built to the optimal quality. It’s also making headlines within the rooting community. It had been found that the G2 has a hardware chip that will resort back to default software upon reboot if it notices anything not right. This includes rooting and although angered, the rooting community is working on a permanent root for the device.

Another phone announced this year at CTIA was the T-Mobile myTouch. The new ultra-stylish 4G based handset will be shipping with T-Mobile TV – which gives access to many networks directly on the device. With an expected release date of later this year, the T-Mobile myTouch HD will definitely be one of the best Android equipped handsets on the market.