Sprint has just announced their plans to roll out what they like to call Sprint ID. Essentially they are a bundle of apps, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. that after download will completely change the way your phone looks and acts on a page-by-page basis.

So far Disney, eBay, Oprah, StubHub, HSN, E Entertainment, ESPN, and Amazon are onboard to create ID packs. Own businesses are even allowed to create their own ID packs to send to their workers, the workers could then have this “work” home screen, and then have a few personal pages as well.

Each app will manifest itself as it’s on Android homepage. If you flip to the right you will see the ESPN them and it’s included apps as a page, flip again and you will see it’s Disney ID pack. You are allowed up to 5 ID packs, and are allowed to further customize the pages to your liking. You can check out the video demonstration below: