We had quite a few stories today, and the most interesting may well be the rumor of some Android-based HUD glasses from Google. There have been rumors suggesting a secret project is in the works to bring some augmented reality glasses to public testing soon. It will apparently only be for one eye, and on the side. Unfortunately, it’s not likely they will be see through – so don’t plan on becoming a ‘terminator’ quite yet.

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus had an update to 4.0.4 leak today, and it has proved to improve users’ signals in just about every way. It hasn’t officially rolled out yet, but isn’t difficult at all to install. Find out more information on how to upgrade here.

Have you checked Facebook lately on your Android smartphone or tablet? The official Facebook app should see mobile ads incorporated starting in March, so enjoy your ad-free application while you can! Adding inline ads could potentially boost their revenue to unheard-of amounts. There’s no doubt you’ve accidentally tapped one of those ads while navigating through countless other applications.

And we were also graced with another Samsung Galaxy S III rumor – one that suggests it will be 7mm thin! So now we’ve got a 7mm, waterproof, 12MP camera, and full-touchscreen display that spans . At this point it’s hard to imagine an area of improvement for the device.