Latest rumors have Facebook set to tap into another market for revenue — as if they didn’t have enough money already. According to the Financial Times and Reuters Facebook will be adding in-line ads to our mobile devices, possibly inside the popular Android application. First filing for a public $5 billion IPO, and now this.

There doesn’t seem to be any concrete evidence to support these claims but coming from the likes of the Financial Times I’d say it is quite likely. Facebook is looking to tap into new revenue streams and mobile ads being a large market this could potentially be huge for them and their millions upon millions of users.

The quiet word on the block is that Facebook wont add the typical ad banner across the bottom of devices in an out of the way area. Instead it will be integrated right into your stream or feed as a “featured story” for easy (and pesky) viewing. We might soon have ads that they call “features” integrated right in the middle of your Aunt saying she walked the dog, and some girl you don’t remember from college complaining about her boyfriend.

Thoughts? Time to get out the pitchforks? Move to Google+? I have an idea — maybe Facebook will introduce mobile ads, then offer a paid $0.99 cent app with the ads removed. I can see the angry mob lining up already!