Today, the Cyanogen team finally showed off their new logo and boot animation for CyanogenMod 9. It looks much like the previous boot animation from the start, but instead of the revolving arrow, the team has added a ‘digital warp tunnel’ of some sort. There’s no doubt this new animation takes advantage of screens with higher resolutions.

We also saw Canonical bring Android and Ubuntu together today in a rather unique way. When the Linux distro is loaded onto your smartphone, it can now display Ubuntu over its HDMI-out. It’s hard to get a feel for how responsive it may be, and that’s where the hands-on video clears up any questions. It’s looking really smooth – and sure beats a few webtop UI’s we’ve been introduced to.

The Blackberry Playbook received an upgraded version of its OS today. Version 2.0 brings long awaited Android application support. For now, only select applications will work – around 800 to be exact. Considering how many Android apps are actually out there, that’s very few.

And finally, Motorola has been confirmed as an Intel Medfield launch partner. Details will surely be exposed next week, and I’m sure we’ll see Intel’s new chip be implemented into many other devices as well. It’s hard to set accurate expectations for the Medfield processor; we’ll just have to put it to the test once they’re accessible.