Wait a minute, BlackBerry Playbook news on an Android site? Yup. This is a PSA to let the few that care know that the BlackBerry Playbook has just been updated starting today to their new OS v2.0 bringing Android app support and a few other desperately needed features to the tablet. Now it even has native email support — Impressive!

For those that didn’t know, the Playbook required the users to own a BlackBerry smartphone and bridge simple things like emails over to the tablet. It didn’t work or have an email client out of the box for some unbelievably crazy reason. RIM has also added social network integration and the option to use those BlackBerry navigation ball on all those Curve models as a remote for the 7″ slate too.

I wont get into specifics about RIM and the OS because well, it’s BlackBerry. I will however mention that it now supports Android applications although only a select few will work, and many that do seem to struggle. It’s a start though right? Android probably wont save the Playbook but the more apps the better. RIM has recently been giving away free Playbooks to developers that agree to port their apps to work on the PlayBook and have extended the freebie offer a few weeks too.

We are hearing around 800 or so application seem to be working quite well with the PlayBook although many that need data connections and such seem to struggle until they’ve been correctly ported. I suppose this is good news for BlackBerry and the Playbook but I’m not sure it can save anything. Does this make you want to go buy the $199 Playbook? I sure don’t but I’d love to review one just for fun.

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  1. As a firm fan of Android, I couldn’t resist a playbook, and it’s quite frightening how poor Android stacks up against it, the fragmented number of devices can’t help, but despite owning 4 Android tablets, I generally take the playbook out and about as it’s just so good at doing it’s stuff on the move, OS 2.0 just makes it better. I bought it mainly to make sure my Android apps work native and on the playbook, but it’s good enough to consider porting natively.

  2. I’m a Blackberry Playbook user. I bought my 64GB Playbook for a “GREAT DEAL” through Staples… I watched them dropped the price, with promises that things were coming… Then DAYS before the OS 2.0/Android abilities came out, the prices shot back up.

    I REALLY believed that the game was to use Bad PR to get their product talked about; that it was holding out on us on purpose. That it was all planned from the start.

    Sadly, I STILL can’t get the Android apps that i want AND the majority that are up and running right now – were already available to me just through Blackberry. That’s the way the scam just keeps going. Promising …something … only to find out the “something” is really nothing – or something you already had.

    If I am wrong on this…please let me know. I can’t access the Android Marketplace at all. Claiming I don’t have an android device. This is true…but then how do I know I am getting an Android app – if the BB marketplace doesn’t give me the option to search by App Developer???

    If you know better than me – help me out here. I lost my patience; I’d prefer to not lose my mind.  :)P

    • Dear Garytron, the Android apps in BlackBerry Appworld are those that have been ported over to the PlayBook. You can also sideload apps not in Appworld as yet. Check sites like crackberry.com PB’s forum to do so.

  3. You should really try out a playbook. It does multi-tasking as well an android (I have 2 android phones) device but in a waaaaaayyyyy more organized and cleaner OS UI. I generally enjoy the UX more on an playbook than an android one.

    It’s really sorry to see the arrogant tone from an android user in this article. Android platform is quite open and flexible (Which I think is its biggest advantage over IOS and playbook OS). I wish Android fans are also be open-minded rather than prejudiced.

  4. As consumers’ we should look for good values, and I purchased a Playbook at a great price last year. No regrets, and didn’t need to own a BlackBerry phone to get email. I had no problems with receiving or sending personal, isp or company email before the OS2 upgrade as it works like a laptop. Now email features is much more better in OS2, and you still do not need  to own a BlackBerry phone.

  5. Bought a Playbook about three weeks ago and it immediately installed OS2.  I have owned Iphone and IPAD for some time now and also an Android phone.  I have to say that I am very impressed with the Playbook.  It works so smoothly and is small enough to take anywhere.  It is my favorite device.  I hope it starts getting the possitive feedback it truely deserves.  It’s a great deal at the current prices.

  6. Playbook ha .. Just bought one and damn no wifi nor sim card slot! I just bought to coz after buying ipad iphone nexus viewpad and tablet 7.7 and bold 9900 there wasn’t anything left to buy. I totally suggest you guys drop the idea of buying playbook. Battery drains faster on wifi coz ain’t no option to connect unless u own a bb so u could connect thru bluetooth. And guys even less apps on playbook than bb phone. Worst choice ever buying this playbook. Could have bought a damn nokia lol

  7. I bought the playbook and here are my thoughts:
    The OS, and hardware is fantastic. Transitions are smooth and navigation is intuitive. What’s killing the playbook for me it that it doesn’t support Google play, and I’m not willing to pay 7 dollars for an inferior app to the one I can get for free on there. Also Skype. For the love of god, someone needs to port Skype too this thing. A tablet without Skype is like a book without text; you can lower the price all you want, but it’s never going to be a best seller.

  8. im surprised none of u mentioned flash support, i think because of it they playbook has sooo much more power than majority of the tablets

  9. im surprised none of u mentioned flash support, i think because of it they playbook has sooo much more power than majority of the tablets

  10. I have to agree with the post below, its almost there & build quality is better than any tab i have seen to date, i have owned an ipad 1 & 2 since their launch.. Multi tasking is a breeze, also being able to support flash and play MKV’s right out of the box too. My only dis-like is the big border around the edge, although this is also a nav border it does make the sceen look smaller. try one.. but remeber to swipe the border from the botton upwards, any ipad and iphone users need to know this otherwise they will take an immediate dis-like to the device when they are stuck in an app.
    I love mine.


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