Wait a minute, BlackBerry Playbook news on an Android site? Yup. This is a PSA to let the few that care know that the BlackBerry Playbook has just been updated starting today to their new OS v2.0 bringing Android app support and a few other desperately needed features to the tablet. Now it even has native email support — Impressive!

For those that didn’t know, the Playbook required the users to own a BlackBerry smartphone and bridge simple things like emails over to the tablet. It didn’t work or have an email client out of the box for some unbelievably crazy reason. RIM has also added social network integration and the option to use those BlackBerry navigation ball on all those Curve models as a remote for the 7″ slate too.

I wont get into specifics about RIM and the OS because well, it’s BlackBerry. I will however mention that it now supports Android applications although only a select few will work, and many that do seem to struggle. It’s a start though right? Android probably wont save the Playbook but the more apps the better. RIM has recently been giving away free Playbooks to developers that agree to port their apps to work on the PlayBook and have extended the freebie offer a few weeks too.

We are hearing around 800 or so application seem to be working quite well with the PlayBook although many that need data connections and such seem to struggle until they’ve been correctly ported. I suppose this is good news for BlackBerry and the Playbook but I’m not sure it can save anything. Does this make you want to go buy the $199 Playbook? I sure don’t but I’d love to review one just for fun.

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