So you’ve got a Wi-Fi only XOOM, yes? You weirdo. You’re in luck! It appears that the shortly-awaited Android version 3.2 Honeycomb (one after the 3.1 that was pushed out right after this year’s Google I/O, that is,) is pushing out to Wi-Fi only XOOM owners now. This build code is HTJ85B, and you’ll have to go through the normal settings check to see if the update is available to you or not right this very moment!

From the emails we’ve received, it appears that the update is sweeping across the nation in no pattern whatsoever, instead hitting basically random ladies and gentlemen in the face with all the newest Android 3.2 features. These features include, as previously stated, the Zoom to fill screen function that we’re sure a lot of Android developers will be taking advantage of soon AND, yes, yes indeed, the longest awaited hardware activation of basically all time: SD card support!

It’s a celebration! Get out and click down into your settings and check for some hardware updates, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s a party over hear and 3.2 takin’ over this XOOM, you know what I’m saying?

For everyone that needs a refresher, head all the way back to our review of the original Android 3.0 Honeycomb, aka the first Android optimized for tablets. Then take a look at what we got to see in Android 3.1 Honeycomb in another full review. This is the sort of stuff you’ll be seeing on all Android tablets (the good ones, at least) until later this year when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is released, a new Android for all devices, not just handsets and not just tablets. Joy!


      • That’s where I am. Every time I check for updates it comes back with the message that I am up to date and no update is necessary at this time. What kind of a fools do they think we are?

  1. Mine updated but am now unable to open images other than through the gallery app. Can’t open other files via file manager other, e.g. unable to open PDF or JPG from ES File Explorer. Or mp3 files.

    Browser now keeps bombing out. No FC message. Simply disappears.

    Xoom generally feels much more sluggish.

    Haven’t tried an SD card yet.

    The zoom/stretch feature seems to work OK although a couple of apps have FC while changing the display.

    Might have to flash mine back to 3.1 🙁

  2. Seems as though the Intent wasn’t firing properly so it was dimming the screen but not offering me the choice of app. I opened a video file fine, and then the others worked OK again. Strange as the problem had seemed very consistent across numerous reboot.

    SD card access is fine but you need to mount the card under settings. Copying from external to internal sdcard is s-l-o-w.

    Browser still seems unreliable but the sluggishness is less noticeable now. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it!

    By the way, I am a Uk user but I flashed the US base build so I could update to 3.1 and that gave me the option to install 3.2 today. If you are impatient like me then you could do that too 🙂
    The process was simple, but a bit worrying. My device is NOT rooted.

    Good luck y’all.

  3. I just got off the help line with “Rhea” at Motorola and she claims there is no update available for the WI-FI Only Xoom.

    • Mine is Wi-Fi only so can confirm that Rhea is wrong. 3.2 is definitely coming to a xoom near you. Had some glitches at first but has mostly settled down now. I’m in UK but using US build of OS so don’t know who gets what when. Nice to have SD card supported but shame they made it so fiddly to get to.

  4. I just got off the help line with “Rhea” at Motorola and she claims there is no update available for the WI-FI Only Xoom.

  5. We hicks here in Kansas City got this this morning. Seems to be faster and a lot smoother. The SD slot will work now?


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