Android 12 Official Launch

It’s officially rolling out. Android 12, that is. We have seen and tried the new version of our beloved mobile platform but it’s only now that Google is releasing the OS for the general public. Not all markets and devices are getting it at once but we can be assured it will be ready in the next few weeks and months especially for flagship devices from different markets. The Pixel phones will get Android 12 first. The new Pixel 6 phones are coming out with the new version out of the box. Pixel 3 and above will also get Android 12 beginning today.

Android 12 offers safer, more personal, and more effortless mobile experiences. It offers a more personalized user interface. You can also expect improved privacy features, as well as, more seamless ways to use a new device and enjoy gameplay.

The Android team describes Android 12 as their most personal OS yet. With Material You, you can take advantage of customizable and dynamic redesigned widgets. The wallpaper will be the base of Android 12. The OS will match the colors as made possible by Material You and color extraction algorithms. Widgets, settings, lockscreen, and notification can be personalized in better ways.

Android 12 becomes more accessible with new visibility features. This includes the ability to adjust tech to bold or grayscale to colors for easier viewing or ready. There is also an extra dim screen lighting for scrolling at night. You can zoom in on a part of the screen with a new window magnifier.

Android 12 Privacy

Improved privacy is a promise. The Android system will inform you when a particular app is using the camera or mic. This feature comes as a new indicator located in the status bar. Your precise location’s privacy is also a guarantee. You can just provide approximate location instead of your exact location.

In Android 12, you can also now easily share Wi-Fi credentials. The Nearby Share feature allows you to do that with a few clicks.

Privacy permissions can be viewed on the new privacy dashboard. You can see there what apps access your location or mic. You can make adjustments or manage permissions directly from there.

Downloading games is faster and more convenient with Android 12. You can start playing even if downloading isn’t finished yet. Of course, it won’t be the complete gameplay experience but at least you can try.

Android 12 also brings new Bluetooth permissions. The OS won’t have to access your location unlike before. Those unused apps’ permissions are reset. Cached files will be removed so there is enough space on your phone. New scrolling screenshots are also available.

If you need to switch to Android, you can easily transfer all essentials including messages, data, and memories using a cable or WiFi connection. Android 12 will be ready soon for major Samsung Galaxy phones and other devices from Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, OPPO, Tecno, and OnePlus.