Android 12 Enterprise

In the coming days, weeks and months, expect more Android 12 related information will be released. We won’t have to do the guesswork because Google is releasing the new version of the mobile OS for most of the latest and capable devices. We have been learning a lot about Android 12 (aka Android Snow Cone) and we know we will discover more as more people update to the new OS and explore the new features and enhancements.

Recently, we learned about the Android 12 Game Mode support, facial gestures, and Heads Up. For the enterprise, Android 12 will also deliver a number of new features and improvements.

The Android team has worked on security and privacy enhancements that will benefits all users. Companies and business-owners too can be assured their data are secure as user experience gets more productive.

Security and controls are tighter with Android 12. These will help organizations further protect employees while equipping them with the right IT infrastructure. IT admins are provided more controls while employees are given additional privacy controls over work apps.

Android 12 offers user privacy enhancements. They are for managed devices that need admin controls and better transparency. Admins can provide or deny control for apps that use sensors like camera or location.

Other improvements include the ability to set up WiFi networks for employees through a network API. This no longer needs user location permission. Employee privacy is preserved by a combination of employer- and hardware-specific identifiers.

There are also additional privacy tools (mic and camera controls) that can check how much data are shared with apps. Work profile privacy features are also available, as well as, network logging for work profile, ability to disable USB signaling, set password requirements, and the option to dedicate connectivity or slice the 5G network.