A couple of weeks ago, Amazon updated the Fire TV software with voice input and screen magnifier. We knew then that a new model would be unveiled soon especially since we heard of a related rumor. We’re already expecting the next one would have Alexa as the older Fire TV was also updated to respond to voice commands on Echo.

Now, Amazon has just introduced a new Amazon Fire TV model. This time, it’s ready for 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range formats. It’s still affordable at $69.99 so more people can have easy access to hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes, channels, and apps. With this Amazon Fire TV, you can also take advantage of about 20,000 Alexa skills with your voice commands.

Ask Alexa to do many things for you like “Find drama”, pause, fast forward, or rewind a video. You can view results from several media streaming apps such as Amazon Video, Hulu, or Netflix. With the Fire TV connected to your Echo device, you can enjoy voice control and voice search all the time while at home.

How is this different from the previous model? It can support 4K UHD and HDR videos. If you’re the type who enjoys watching in super high resolution, then this all-new Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) is for you.

You can pre-order for one from Amazon now. Delivery will begin on October 25. If you want an Echo Dot with it, you can get a bundle for only $79.99. The older Fire TV Stick with Echo Dot can be had for a cheaper price of $59.99.

If you activate your new Fire TV by November 15 of this year, you will receive some freebies like one month of SHOWTIME trial, $10 credit to rent/buy from Amazon Video, and two months of Hulu access.

SOURCE: Amazon