We recently learned it’s integrated into the Sandman Doppler and the HTC U11. We knew that it’s being prepped for Fire TV products with the Fire TV and Fire TV stick getting the feature first. The Amazon Fire TV being controlled by any Echo device is now possible as long as they are connected to one network. Big thanks to Alexa for allowing it so users can conveniently send commands and activate different functions.

More updates will roll out in the future so both Alexa and the Echo device can work to give a person’s demands and answers to every question. If you always use your Fire TV to watch your favorite shows, you can just say, “Alexa, show me x show on Fire TV”. Saying “pause”, “open Hulu”, or “fast-forward” will also bring the desired action. With Alexa, your Fire TV and Echo actually get smarter.

With a simple update, the “Far-field control of Fire TV” will make it possible for you to control your Fire TV device with the help of Alexa and the Amazon Echo. Any version of the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or re TV Edition smart TV will get this support. No need to get a software update though if you have only one Fire TV.

VIA: SlashGear