One of the most requested features from Fire TV users, apparently since 2014, is the ability to use the microphone on the Voice Remote to input text. It took them three years but now Amazon is rolling out this feature with the latest update for the Fire TV software. Users will now also get a screen magnifier for those times when you need to zoom in on the text. For those who love American football, there’s also something there for you with this update.

But for most Fire TV users, the most important new feature with this update is that you can now use the Voice Remote to input text every time the onscreen keyboard appears. It works not just across the whole device but also with third-party apps, except those that have their own custom keyboard like YouTube and Netflix. With those, you would still have to use the universal search feature of the Fire TV if you want to use your voice. However if the app allows you to use the voice remote, just press the mic button when the onscreen keyboard appears and then say your words and phrases.

The update also brings a screen magnifier feature that can zoom in and out if you need help reading the smaller elements on the screen. The zoomed window will follow the onscreen cursor, but you also have the ability to pan it manually. You have button combos to help control the magnifier, like Menu + Up means pan up while Menu + Left is pan left, and so on. You can activate this either through the accessibility settings or hold the back and fast forward buttons.

If you’re a football fan (the American one, just to clarify), you will soon be able to watch NFL Thursday Night Football games live through your Fire TV devices. The full listing of games will also be available once your device receives the update.