If you haven’t already ordered the amazing and blazing fast Droid Charge you might want to keep reading. Amazon has done what they’ve done many times in the past and are offering a lower price than Verizon Wireless for the brand spanking new Samsung Droid Charge. When pricing first leaked the Droid Charge was listed as $299 with a new 2 year contract when the pricing has usually been $199 for smartphones. Verizon stuck with that price for some reason, but Amazon is here to save the day.

Amazon is now offering the Samsung Droid Charge lower than Verizon, they are asking the “expected” $199 with a new 2 year contract like we all thought it would be. So for those that have not ordered through Verizon, you might as well head on over to Amazon and save $100 real fast. Use those saving and get a few cases, and a screen protector for that beautiful 4.3″ display.

Amazon has been known to do this in the past, so it comes as no surprise. At one point Amazon had the Droid Incredible 2 as low as $79, the Motorola Atrix for only $50, and now they are even offering a Trade-In program for old DVD’s and electronics. So send in your old original Droid, or even that iPhone with Amazon Trade-In and get the Droid Charge today for only $199.

[via Amazon Wireless]


  1.  They did the same thing with the Thunderbolt. $139 w/ new contract versus a cool $250 at the Verizon Store.

    Plus, in many states, it’s tax free on Amazon. In California you pay the tax on the full unsubsidized price. You’d have to be a fool to buy it directly from Verizon.


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