It looks like Amazon is joining the likes of Best Buy, T-Mobile and others and are now offering a full trade-in program. The Trade-In Beta was explained in a little more detail today and you can see the full press release below. It looks like Amazon will be accepting things like Electronics, Books, DVD’s, Games and more all for the trade-in program. I like this idea as I have plenty of old games I don’t need, not to mention that iPod Touch that I never use now I have a 32GB MicroSD in my Android phone, and Google Music Beta to top that if needed.

So if anyone of you readers are like me and have friends or co-workers that really love your new 4.3″ Thunderbolt Android phone, or the blazing fast speeds and HDMI out on your G2x and wish they could get out of their old iPhone and into some Android it is your duty to tell them all about Amazon Trade-In. The shipping is free, they will deposit a gift card in your account in return and then all you do is buy a new or used phone from Amazon. Its now that easy to switch to Android. Tell your friends and family.

I decided to check it out myself and a few Blu-Ray DVD’s only got me about $3 dollars each, but my mint condition Nexus One was worth about $130 using Amazon Trade-In, I’d say that is a decent price for a device almost a year and a half old. The iPhone 3G is worth around $113, so for those that made that mistake feel free to trade it in immediately and get a HTC EVO instead, you’ll be glad you did. I didn’t get into trading in old books, or video games much as I was mainly curious about the electronics and mobile part of this. To try this yourself click here.

Press Release:

Amazon Trade-In Program Expands With Thousands of Electronics

Great Trade-In Values on Used Textbooks, Video Games, Movies and now Electronics

Ship For Free, All in One Box

SEATTLE, May 18, 2011 —, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced the Electronics Trade-In Store, offering customers a new way to conveniently trade in used electronics for Gift Cards. The Electronics Trade-In Store enhances Amazon’s existing Trade-In program, giving customers great value on everything from video games and DVDs to textbooks and now electronics, without visiting multiple stores. Starting today, customers can trade in electronics, including tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices and more. With Amazon Trade-In, only one box is needed to ship multiple items and shipping is free. Simply visit and start searching for items to trade in.

“Technology is constantly evolving and newer, better versions of consumer electronics are introduced all the time,” says Paul Ryder, vice president of Electronics for “We want to give customers the opportunity to get great value from their used electronics. Hundreds of thousands of customers have already received millions of dollars in gift cards from the other products in our program. The Electronics category is a natural extension and we are delighted to offer our customers more trade-in options.”

Regardless of where electronics and other products may have been purchased, customers start by simply searching for items to trade in. If the product is listed as eligible for trade-in, then customers can click the Trade-In button to add items to their trade-in shipment. Amazon’s Trade-In program offers a variety of condition types including “Like New,” “Good” and “Acceptable,” giving customers an easy way to view multiple trade-in values. Once customers have added all the items they would like to trade in to their trade-in shipment, they can print a pre-paid shipping label and ship everything for free. After the product is received and inspected, an Gift Card will be deposited into the customer’s account, generally in less than 48 hours. There are no claim codes or waiting for a check in the mail. Gift Cards can be used on purchases towards millions of items on

Amazon’s Trade-In program ( offers great value on used products, and starting today, customers can now trade in used electronics. Gift Cards are issued by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington company.