We haven’t featured any new Moto Mods lately but don’t worry, Motorola is still in the mobile business. We’re sure of that even if the Project Fi Moto X4 is delayed. We were too focused on the Moto X4 that we forgot about the modular add-ons. It looks like Motorola will make a related announcement soon according to Evan Blass aka Evleaks who shared a photo of the two new mods.

Motorola is expected to introduce these two soon: the Amazon Alexa Speaker and the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. Obviously, Motorola has teamed up with consumer brands Amazon and Polaroid for these accessories. There

There isn’t much information but we’re assuming the speaker mod will work best for Alexa–Amazon’s very own voice assistant. With this tiny speaker, you can probably voice out your commands especially during music playback. As for the Insta-Share Printer by Polaroid, we’re imagining instant printing a few seconds or clicks after an image is captured from your Moto smartphone.

The last Moto Mod announcement we heard was last July when the 360-degree camera was shown off. Motorola recently promised three generations of compatibility for Moto Mods which means the current Moto Mods, including these two upcoming add-ons, can also be used for Moto phones to be released next year.

VIA: Evleaks