This is a legitimate question when it applies to modular accessories like Motorola’s Moto Mods – will they still work when I upgrade my phone? If you remember, Moto Mods work only with Motorola’s unique Moto Z line of phones. But will the current crop of Moto Mods work with the Moto Z2, or in fact, the Moto Z3?

The happy answer to that is YES. Motorola just announced that current Moto Mods are promised three generations of compatibility. This means that if you purchased the Hasselblad camera Moto Mod for your first generation Moto Z device, it will still be compatible when the Moto Z2 rolls out, and the Moto Z3 or any variant of that third generation device, whatever it will be called.

This is pretty comforting to know, especially if you’ve fallen in love with your specific Moto Mod, and you’ve promised to lock yourself down to the Moto Z line of products just because of it. It would really be a waste of money if you can’t use the Moto Mod with other upgraded devices down the line, so this is a great move by Motorola.

Now, the question for us will be, how will this rule apply down the line for the newer Moto Mods? That’s a problem of logistics and design, we know. We hope the new ones will get the same benefit of compatibility as well.

VIA: Tech Radar