If you really want to build a smart home, it is now really possible and you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to get it. Some things are still pretty expensive though, but you can also cut costs on some things as well. Nest Learning Thermostat costs around $249 and it has a great working relationship with a lot of apps and gadgets. Now the latest to be connected to it is Amazon’s Alexa, your personal digital assistant that you can find on Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV.

This is the first collaboration between Nest and Amazon Alexa. At its most basic, you will be able to connect the two and then instruct Alexa to turn the temperature either up or down, as simple as that. But you will also be able to teach it new “skills” as well. You will be able to ask her what’s the current temperature and humidity. You can also tell her that you’re leaving the house and the thermostat will shut down. Or you can tell her that you’re too hot, and your Nest should be able to adjust.

But what should be better is if you have an IFTTT system because there are more than 50 recipes available there that will make life easier for you and your thermostat and between Nest and Alexa. For example, saying good morning will turn up the temperature or ask Alexa to turn on your Nest fan for 15 minutes.


Amazon has recently announced two new voice-controlled devices, the Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot and both will have Alexa of course, so you will also be able to connect them to your Nest. The collaboration will be going live in a few weeks.