The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are out in the market but the South Korean tech giant isn’t done proving once again that it is still the top phone maker. The company is said to have already sold more than 5 million Galaxy S8 phones. Last week, it has also reached DxOMark with very good target exposure. In the next few months, expect to hear a number of rumors and speculations about the next Galaxy Note. We know one will be introduced this 2017 even after the refurbished units were just made available in some countries.

Here is probably our first glimpse of the Note 8 according to a demo video of what is believed to be a 3D-printed Galaxy Note 8. We’re guessing the print is a result of the plans sighted online. We’re also assumming they may be for accessory makers who need a build model of the church.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just a 3D print version. We understand if the South Korean tech giant is only releasing non-working prototypes or like this printed model because it is safer this way. No further leaks can be expected but you know that’s not the case in real life. Leaks and early sightings are normal because it is so hard to keep secrets these days.

This Galaxy Note 8 model appears to be a new Note because of its size and familiar design. We’re not sure about the finality of the design but it looks legit. It’s something 3rd-party accessory makers will use to start designing and manufacturing.

We’re more excited for the Note 8 since the Note 7 fiasco made Samsung lose a number of things including brand popularity and the trust of the customers. We’re still positive though that the South Korean tech giant has learned its lesson. So far, so good. Despite some of the Galaxy S8 issues, there’s still no report of the premium flagship duo overhearting or exploding.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be more powerful than the Galaxy S8 but with the addition of the S Pen stylus. Watch the video below to have an idea about the shape and size of the next-gen Galaxy Note 8: