Vizio’s 8-inch tablet, the VTAB1008, looks set to land in Walmart sooner rather than later. The Android slate – which we saw Blake Griffin fondling yesterday – hasn’t been spotted itself, but the Walmart price card has been caught on camera by a This is my next tipster.

According to that card, the Vizio will be $349 and have a front-facing camera, GPS, VIA Plus for intercompatibility with the company’s TVs and other products, and access to the Android Market. We recently saw the slate cross through the FCC complete with AT&T 3G support, though there’s no mention of wireless connectivity on this Walmart model.

Vizio announced the “VIA Tablet” back at CES in January, alongside a similarly Android-powered VIA Phone, and promised a summer release. What’s unclear is whether Vizio has added Honeycomb to the tablet in the meantime, or if it will launch running a smartphone version of Android.

  • $350 is too high for an 8″ tablet when the Transform is $399. . . unless it’s got some serious kit going for it.

  • $350? Isn’t it a little bit overprice? What is the so special about this one?

  • Matthew Bober

    The 8 inch tablet has been out forever. It originally retailed for around $200.00. Look at the product number on there: VTAB1008. I have 3 of them. This is not a new product, and yes $350 is incredibly overpriced for this tablet. They are set to release a 10 inch tablet but it’s unknown when. I know because I emailed Vizio and asked.