Vizio’s new Android-based tablet and phone have been previewed by the WSJ, with the Vizio Via Phone having a 4-inch screen and the Via Tablet having an 8-inch screen. Both will get Android Market access, according to the company, along with WiFi connectivity.

The Via Phone has a 5-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calls, while the Via Tablet has a front-facing camera and three speakers. Each will have an HDMI port and a similar UI to the Vizio range of HDTVs; there’ll also be remote control apps, so that users can control their TVs from the phone or tablet.

Finally there’s Via Plus Internet service access, which means Netflix support thanks to Vizio’s existing HDTV deal with the streaming content provider. Both tablet and phone will launch in summer 2011, pricing tba.


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