It appears that Sony’s latest Android effort, that being the Sony Tablet S, will be on sale soon, currently showing up in several online shops for pre-order and shipping on the 16th of September. This device is one that we’ve reviewed in full here on Android Community and whose close cousin the Sony Tablet P we’ve also got a full hands-on with as well. Lucky you, the first of these two tablet devices will be in your hands in less than a month if store information proves to be completely correct. Will the awesome uniqueness of this tablet set offset the costs which rival all other Android tablets?

You’ll be able to pick up the Tablet S at Amazon in both 16GB and 32GB versions or at Sony in either version as well. It appears that the 16GB version will always be going for $499.99 while the 32GB version will be going for $599.99, these prices listed at both Sony and at Amazon and will more than likely be appearing at Best Buy and Future Shop Canada soon as well, from what we understand. Now for a closer look at this tablet if you’ve not already clicked the review button above! First lets look at some videos:

Sony Tablet S Hands-on Unboxing and software walk-through
[vms 26faaa2c4e1f20db70a7]

Browser Test Video
[vms 0f5be4dd354bb3e295d3]

Tablet S Hands-on and Accessories Video
[vms 48a2ba1077c449479130]

Then finally lets look at the specs in-depth thanks to our Device.AC Specs and Information board conveniently plugged in right here below:

[device id=779]

Then as a bonus let’s take a look at a collection of photos of the tablet, also courtesy of the review from Cory Gunther here on Android Community:

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    IT’S COMING,….



  • Its a dud, its no an iPad, don’t price it like one. Companies need to learn from the HP fire sale that is if the price is right, the masses will flock to your product. Regardless of what features it has, what OS it has, how much memory or cpu it has, people are only interested in the low prices. I don’t believe that a company like Sony can’t drive down the cost of manufacturing so this collusion of the 499 price point for all the 16gb variations of Android tablets is not going to fly in the face of consumers. Hint the price for 16gb should be 159 and 32GB 249. Anything else, I might as well buy a laptop.