Yes Please! This is what we have been waiting for over at the Magenta carrier, a sign that they will in fact be getting the Samsung Galaxy S II superphone that everyone seems to love. Could this be the rumored Samsung Hercules. We recently saw this device pass the FCC under model SGH-T989 and now we know that is indeed the Galaxy S II. Now we must figure out if the Hercules will be something different or if it was just the codename for the SGSII.

These pictures are pretty clear evidence that is for sure. We are seeing a beautiful device stamped with Galaxy S II and T-Mobile nicely on the back, it’s a great sight isn’t it? These pictures were kindly leaked and they’ve got me pretty excited as well as the photo from pocketnow. Some sources are claiming this is the Hercules and since not only are these leaks claiming to be a 4.5″ display and the Hercules was said to feature the same size screen this just might in fact be the Samsung Hercules aka SGSII.

Then below is the revealed photo from pocketnow that shows the front of the device a little clearer for everyone. We don’t see much of the Samsung Touch wiz UX but we can clearly see that tasty Android 2.3 Gingerbread up top. The ninja’s that leaked these are claiming it has a 4.5″ screen and is blazingly stupid fast. We have heard Samsung might be increasing the CPU speed to 1.2-1.5 Ghz to better compete with other devices and hopefully we will find out soon enough.

These are all the pictures and details we have for now but at least this device has been confirmed as headed to T-Mobile. It’s out and in the wild so hopefully more details, pictures, and maybe even some video will be leaked in the near future — I’m sure we will be seeing more of this device soon so stay tuned.

[via TmoNews]

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy S II 4G. I think my prediction from a while ago may come true.. LOL. :-DE

  • Edward Smith

    WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE BACK COVER???????? I can understand the front button, actually rather prefer the change.

  • Anonymous

     Hercules is the handset that is going to come out with the 1.4 GHz of dual-core processor. Rumours were round the corner about the upgrade in the processor. Hope it will be able to compete with the iPhone 5.

  • Distortedloop

    This is much more a deviation from the International SGS II (I have one in my hand right now) than the T-Mobile Fascinate was compared to my original SGS i9000-GT.  The form factors were identical (except for the home button) and internal parts (like the camera, speaker, etc) were interchangable between the first generation phones; the camera on this new one clearly isn’t.  This one also has more of a Nexus S look to its shape than that of an SGS II, with it’s well-rounded corners; I’d love to see a profile pic to see if it’s flat or has a hint of a curve to the glass.

    So, what makes this the SGS II?  It’s not the same size, not the same shape, not the same processor, not the same camera/flash, etc, etc.  Looks/sounds like a hot phone (other than being T-Mobile), but from the pics and the article, it’s not the SGS II, it’s some new Galaxy variant that’s (supposedly) improved upon the already awesome SGS II.

    My only gripe with the form-factor of all the Samsung Galaxy-class phones is the stupid hump on the bottom of the phone.  Makes it impossible to lay it flat on a table, which makes viewing slightly more difficult, and makes it impossible to use the phone as a level (with the accelerometer).

    • Distortedloop

      D’oh!  The Samsung Galaxy S II branding on the backplate makes it the SGS II.  Color me stupid today.  LOL

      • Anonymous

        …dude…I was gunna say….lol