Samsung Galaxy Note comes to the FCC with AT&T bands… again

December 7, 2011

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Samsung has been heavily promoting the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note over in the UK, but Americans haven't heard a peep about a possible release since the phone went through the FCC back in September. A second, slightly altered version of the phone has passed through the FCC yet again, this time as the "GT-N7000B" instead of the "GT-I9220". The bands for AT&T HSPA+ are the same.

Let me make it clear: this is not a confirmation of an AT&T Galaxy Note, or even a US Galaxy Note. Plenty of phones go through the FCC without ever seeing the light of day in America, and for some reason they often do so as a precursor to a Canadian release, where multiple national and local carriers use the same bands at AT&T. The additional time at the FCC could technically indicate an unlocked release, but that really isn't Samsung's style, at least in North America. Oh well, at least the Angry Birds got their feathers on one.

At this point it looks like the Galaxy Note isn't going to get a US release for some time, several months at the very least. It's a shame, too, since a 5.3-inch 720p Super AMOLED screen and 1.4Ghz dual-core processor is good enough to go toe-to-toe with any flagship phone at the moment, assuming you're OK with a phone that dwarfs everything else on the market. However, there's some good news concerning the Galaxy Note's IFA buddy the Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Super AMOLED-packing tablet was recently spotted for preorder.

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  • Enoel69

    Why won’t OEMs take note and realize it makes perfect sense and probably even cheaper to make one GSM device with 3G/HSPA+ penta-band. I will love to see the HTC VILLE or EDGE come with pentaband and it doesn’t hurt to dream of a penta-band HTC PURE ICS device. With the current crop of new chipsets such as Qualcomm S4 possessing the ability to cover a myriad of bands, we should be seeing more and more devices with multi-bands…one device capable of working on a wide range of Networks.

  • SOOON   in mah pocket…………