Just a little public service announcement for all the DROID Bionic buyers out there. That Bionic Costco bundle deal we mentioned a few weeks ago is legit and currently available right now. Yup, you get the Droid Bionic as well as the desktop dock, car navigation dock, car charger, and portable charger with a spare battery all for just $279 — that is $20 less than Verizon is asking for just the phone.

Update: Deal is available in store and also online so head over to Costco Wireless.

We mentioned this deal back in August but since then I think everyone might have forgot about this amazing offer thanks to Costco. Getting all those accessories and the 4G LTE Droid Bionic (see our review) for that low price is almost ridiculous it’s so awesome. Why anyone would get it for $20 more from Verizon without all that is beyond me — except that Costco has very limited supplies.

The picture above is everything you get free if you snag your Motorola DROID Bionic from Costco rather than a Verizon Wireless store so feel free to call or run down to the nearest Costco and give it a try. I know mine was limited and only received 15 packages so you guys better hurry. This deal is live and available right now to new subscribers as well as those eligible for an upgrade. This entire package deal ends tomorrow the 14th so you’d better decide quick.

  • blake barnett

    i just tried to order the bionic online on costco’s site , but i could not figure out how to upgrade my phone on my family plan instead of picking a new service plan, the phone went off their list and is now no longer available.  :(((

    • Latpoly

      Me too, Blake.  Me, too.

    • Bill

      Click on the Upgrades Tab (Blue Bar) and click Verizon. The Bionic is showing available now!

  • Dmitriy Kostyuchenko

    You also get a belt holster and a screen protector. It’s not mentioned in the text of the deal, but that’s what everyone (including myself) is getting.

  • Chris Dandy

    got mine on day 3 after release.  awesome deal.  I got the last one at my store.  …didn’t think i’d use the extra battery and charger, but .. i was wrong.. battery starts dying, i just swap out the battery and move on…no time wasted charging the phone.  🙂

  • discojulio

    The deal is dead online and my local Costco (Denver area) is out. They said that they’d be getting more in and that the accessory bundle would still be available.

  • RS

    I placed an online order for a Bionic, as well as two other phones, five days ago. Despite their statements that the order would be shipped in 24-72 hours, it still hasn’t. Neither have I received an e-mail giving a reason for the delay. They state specifically that if the order can’t be shipped within three days, you will receive an e-mail notification. I called customer service about it at the end of the fourth day and was told that the order was being processed and shipped later in the evening. I would receive an e-mail with the tracking number when the package shipped. Take a wild guess what I haven’t received.

    These guys AREN’T Costco, but a vendor for Costco. They’re also liars, as far as I can tell. Costco corporate will be getting a formal complaint from me regarding the way these guys handle a high-demand situation. I’d rather be told that they just weren’t prepared for the demand, than have “customer NO service” blow smoke up my nether regions…

  • blixiroaldi

    The screen graphics look incredible! I personally have never paid that much for a phone, but for those who can afford it, it looks like a fun object to have. http://blixiroaldi.web.officelive.com

  • Bob52r

    i have qualifying unlimited data plan w/ verizon. on the costco website there is no way to transfer the unlimited plan. on the amazon site there is a seperate category for continuing the unlimited data plan with the bionic purchase.

    What is up with costco purchases and tranfer of a prior unlimited data plan?

    • happy costco client

      I just went in in person.  got my phone, case and screen savers.  and a mail in coupon for the mail in .  and, the employee did the magic and I now have a 4g unlimited plan. 

      • Brad_ford

        Ditto. However now i am told by kiosk vendor that accessories will take 8-12 weeks, and notice fine print may take 16 weeks. Cant confirm with 4th party rebate compny but once
        a month. Vendor kiosk won’t provide duplicate rebate form and agrees if the forms are not received by rebate company I am probably out of luck. Would like to hear how others are fairing with their equipment “rebate”.

  • Notice how it’s the 4G LTE robot that sneaks up and shoots her in the back with Data Overage “Charges”

    …pretty sneaky