Without the help of Android, the number one mobile OS in the world with millions of devices activated daily, the extremely popular Plants vs Zombies 2 is still doing great. While we all know these numbers would be substantially higher with a simultaneous release, the developers from PopCap games are already celebrating nearly 25 million downloads.

Android isn't the only one getting left out, there's still no PC version of the game. Although the original from 2010 eventually arrived for multiple different platforms. However, we won't focus on the negative, and instead talk about some pretty impressive numbers (and potential) for the new casual game.

Launched back on August 15th it took only a half a month for PvZ 2 to reach the 25 million download milestone. Which is pretty impressive when you really think about it. To clarify, that's more downloads than the original received total, ever. Which is basically their way of saying the game is a huge hit. Even if it has tons of those in-app purchases no one likes.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.41.45 PM

PopCap Games goes on to mention nearly 5.4 billion waves of zombies have been fought off already, and there's so many other massive numbers on their infographic you'll jut need to hit the source link below. Once again, reaching 25 million downloads in a half a month is impressive, considering this is iOS only. Now if they'd only release the game for Android that number would jump to 75 million real quick.

The latest word is Plants vs Zombies 2 is an iOS exclusive, for now, and there's a possibility it could arrive for Android at a later date. Nothing is certain though, so keep your fingers crossed.

VIA: PopCap Blog

  • Rain

    They like to see these numbers without having to develop for the piracy-plagued android and pc. Good news for developers, bad news for customers and gamers.

    • Red

      isnt it free to play?

    • dan

      how do you pirate freeware?

      • gjgustav

        It’s not freeware. It’s freemium. You can pirate in-app purchases.

      • Tyler H

        hate to tell you this you can do it on iOS just as easily….. Hell maybe even easier.

      • gjgustav

        Doesn’t matter how easy it is. All that matters is how many people do it.

      • Tyler H

        Lets see iOS is easier to do. It kind of a given that more people will do it on iOS…..

      • sk8rat

        Do you want me to call the wambulance for you? Wow I didn’t know apple customers were so stupid when they look up something about iphones you get something for android. Stop being a jealous bitch and get an HTC one. You know you want it.

  • gjgustav

    You still have to carefully calculate if releasing on Android is a worthy investment. There is more testing to do, and there is more piracy. Yes, PvZ2 is free to download, but there are in-app purchases. iOS is a still a no-brainer for developers.

    • bert78

      What do you mean by “You still have to carefully calculate if releasing on Android is a worthy investment.”? I get a kind of a “android users are poor” kind of undertone from your statement. You have millions upon millions of potential Android users who will chomp at the bit to play this game and to spend the money via micro transactions (even though this model i s outrageously stupid). And if you ask me it was horribly foolish to not give this title a multiplatform release.

      • gjgustav

        I mean it’s a lot riskier to release an app on Android than iOS. A profitable app on iOS does not guarantee a profitable app on Android. On average, iOS users spend more money on apps and in-app purchases than Android, and there is less testing to do due to a lot less devices.

      • Tyler H

        I am just going to say it. You have no clue about software development. I work on both Android and iOS dev for a living. In terms of testing on number of devices and testing it is roughly the same for each one.

        We have a handful of devices. Ranging from the lowest iOS device we support to some of the newest ones.
        Android we have a few common ones and yes crappiest device we think we should support. Over all it just own a few big ones and call it a day. Same testing and not going to run it on other devices. Hell Android we do use out personal devices as well so that gives us a little more range if we need to but really not an issue.

        Most of our issues that are Android related only trace down to be a carrier issue.

      • gjgustav

        You started off making a personal attack at me, someone whom you know absolutely nothing about.

        Then you claim it’s the same number of iOS and Android devices which, given the different video cards, amount of RAM, screen resolutions, etc. out there on the Android platform is laughable. Especially since it’s game development we’re talking about here.

        Then you contradicted yourself by saying you also throw your personal devices into the mix to “give you more range.” You just admitted that you need more devices. Of course you need more range. If you think you don’t then your QA methods are woefully inadequate and if you provide good support, you’ll be spending a lot of time on bug fixing and handling support requests that you could have prevented. All of this costs more money.

        If you’re going to reply with more personal insults don’t bother. I don’t need a complete stranger to determine what I know about mobile development.

      • Tyler H

        The only reason personal devices are even used is best we run out of devices to test. Guess what personal devices are used on iOS as well for the same reason. Does that mean we need more devices there.

        Here is the kicker part of the reason we use personal devices (iOS and Android) is because those are more real world devices which means they have much muck up.

        I use a personal device for Android dev because that way I have a device at my desk and do not have to go track down one of the test devices.

      • tomandyourmom

        It’s not an undertone, it’s the truth. iOS customers are MUCH better customers than Android customers. Is anyone really still disputing that? Not really got your finger on the pulse of the industry, do you?

      • sk8rat

        Yeah because people paying $200 for an HTC one or galaxy s4 are poor compared to someone who plays $200 for an iPhone 5. Get your head out of apples ass and stop spewing bullshit.

      • tomandyourmom

        Did I say that they were poor? Sounds like a bit of your own projection going on there, Jethro. Maybe someday you’ll be able to buy nice things.

        Meanwhile, back in the real world, Android customers are horrible, not because they’re poor, but because they’re cheap.

      • sk8rat

        Yes you did say that. Oh my bad sorry man. Keep buying the same phone every year ahaha

      • tomandyourmom

        Not much of a reader, are you? Or a writer, for that matter.

      • ididtomandyourmom

        Sk8rat, don’t feed the trolls. That douche is just here to rub salt in the wounds of everyone who would like to play this on a real mobile os. Ios will go the way of blackberry soon enough, walled gardens don’t fare well IRL.

      • tomandyourmom

        Wow you really convinced me. You’re definitely not Jethro using a different name. I was wrong, you ARE smart.

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      • Rwm78djm01

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      • tomandyourmom

        What the hell are you babbling about? I hope you were drunk when you were posting this, otherwise your mom needs to explain why she was abusing opiates while pregnant.

      • Rwm78djm01

        I’m about tired of you lying troll.I’ll spam you to death if I have to.

      • tomandyourmom

        HAHAHAHAHA bring it on. I’m sure you’re a 1337 HAXOR and all. And I understand that English isn’t your first language (wow, do I understand), but your use of the word “lying” makes absolutely no sense.

        So, uh, bring on the spam, hombre.

      • Rwm78djm01

        1337 Haxor?I’m confused and don’t care so bring it on short stuff.

      • tomandyourmom

        You need to call your doctor, as apparently your meds have worn off.

      • Rwm78djm01

        Meds?I don’t take drugs thank you very much (No offense) and I bet you’re a hippie or better yet a hobo.

      • tomandyourmom

        Perhaps you should consider taking drugs then? You’re certainly not living on the same planet as the rest of us.

      • Rwm78djm01

        Give me 3 pathetic reasons why ios is better than Android.

      • tomandyourmom

        “3 pathetic reasons”. this is comedy gold folks, COMEDY GOLD!

    • anthony scarpella

      What piracy? It’s a freemium game.

  • Denyveau Elloit

    So let me get this straight….. Movies get pirated….. So don’t make movies. Look up plants versus Zombie hacks o you tube…… Since iOS is piracy free.

    • tomandyourmom

      Is your post supposed to make any sense? If so, you’re doing it wrong.

  • monalisa

    Dude i dont care!! i wana play this game!! ya android devices are cheap but not us…. papcom/ea fukin tards!!!

  • Gamer

    This game gets boring too easy. I have beaten all the levels in least than a week. And the infinity levels get boring. When will more levels be available. Not fair so e plants have to be brought. Plants vs zombies had much more levels…