Philips Soundbar streams DLNA Android content to any TV

January 25, 2012

Philips is all in when it comes to Android support, and for that, we thank them. In addition to a wide range of Fidelio speaker docks and Android-specific headphones, they've recently unveiled the Soundbar CSS5123. But this isn't just your run-of-the-mill all in one speaker system: the Soundbar packs in a DLNA receiver and video-out functionality. This means that even if your HDTV or projector doesn't pack in Digital Living Network Alliance support, you can add it with a swanky speaker set.

Like most of the similar products that have come out in the last three or four years, the Soundbar CSS5123 packs in 5 "virtual" surround sound speakers into a package that's designed to fit below your television. There's an added bonus of a wireless subwoofer as well. Also crammed into the Soundbar is a WiFi adapter and enough computing power to handle 1080p HD and basic management. Audio and/or video is streamed from a Philips SimplyShare app on your Android smartphone or tablet connected to a local WiFi network. You can also stream from any PC on the network, or just plug in a flash drive or hard drive to load up video, music or photos directly.

The Sounbar will come in snazzy black or white, and is scheduled for release in April. at $349 it's significantly more expensive than the basic speaker bar sets available now, but it also does a lot more with what it's got. It's nice to see accessories and home theater equipment being made with Android in mind - keep up the good work, Philips!

[via GizMag]

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  • Domi1

    support for MKV looks non existant for DLNA devices.. sad
    not gonna convert all my movies.. hope that the new wifi streaming protocol allows for more