Philips is all in when it comes to Android support, and for that, we thank them. In addition to a wide range of Fidelio speaker docks and Android-specific headphones, they’ve recently unveiled the Soundbar CSS5123. But this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill all in one speaker system: the Soundbar packs in a DLNA receiver and video-out functionality. This means that even if your HDTV or projector doesn’t pack in Digital Living Network Alliance support, you can add it with a swanky speaker set.

Like most of the similar products that have come out in the last three or four years, the Soundbar CSS5123 packs in 5 “virtual” surround sound speakers into a package that’s designed to fit below your television. There’s an added bonus of a wireless subwoofer as well. Also crammed into the Soundbar is a WiFi adapter and enough computing power to handle 1080p HD and basic management. Audio and/or video is streamed from a Philips SimplyShare app on your Android smartphone or tablet connected to a local WiFi network. You can also stream from any PC on the network, or just plug in a flash drive or hard drive to load up video, music or photos directly.

The Sounbar will come in snazzy black or white, and is scheduled for release in April. at $349 it’s significantly more expensive than the basic speaker bar sets available now, but it also does a lot more with what it’s got. It’s nice to see accessories and home theater equipment being made with Android in mind – keep up the good work, Philips!

[via GizMag]