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Beat the clock, fit unique pieces in the right spots in Puzzle Blitz

If you're the type who wants to do anything and race against the clock, try Puzzle Blitz and try solving all those puzzles. It might take you a while though to finish everything because there are more than 450 puzzles to play. You only have three minutes to play so finish as much as you can before time runs out.

LINE introduces new group calling app Popcorn Buzz

Have you ever wished you could have a free group call with around 200 people invited to that call? Okay, maybe not 200 exactly, but definitely more than just two people talking and it has to be free. LINE is adding another product to its app portfolio by releasing Popcorn Buzz which lets you do all these things, including the aforementioned 200 people in the call, if for some reason you'd want to do that.

Panasonic introduces mini version of Eluga S to Indian market

India is considered to be one of the emerging markets that has the potential to change the landscape of mobile phones in a few years time. With their consumers constantly looking for affordable smartphones with decent specs, a lot of the OEMs have released devices specifically for the region only to meet this demand. Panasonic has recently announced that they are introducing a mini version of the Eluga S smartphone, which they actually released in the country just recently.

Doom 3 DFG now on Android, NVIDIA SHIELD devices only

The NVIDIA SHIELD has yet to prove that it can be a gaming device of your choice. It's an Android TV-powered device which means only Android apps and games can run on it. NVIDIA has recently announced that Doom 3 will be coming to Android together with other games and now it has arrived. Doom 3 requires power and the NVIDIA Tegra X1 mobile processor could handle the game on the NVIDIA SHIELD.

Sony to roll out Lollipop 5.1 to Xperia Z devices next month

Sony is still in the process of giving the Android Lollipop updates to some of their Xperia devices, like Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z. But already, other Xperia users who have been upgraded can expect a new one to come next month as the Japanese OEM announced that they will be upgrading the whole Xperia Z line to version 5.1. Included also in that update are other Xperia devices like the T2 Ultra and the Xperia C3.

See your smartwatch “move” with Animated watch faces app

Our expectations regarding smartwatches is vastly different from a few years back, when all we wanted/needed was for it to have notifications and monitor our activities. Now we expect them to have all the bells and whistles we get from our smartphones. When it comes to its look and feel, our wants have also evolved. We now want them to either be funkier or more like a traditional watch. Now, we also expect or watch faces to "entertain" us. Animated watch faces may do just that.

Todoist announces Evernote, Google Calendar integrations

After adding productivity to our wrists via Android Wear last December, Todoist is updating the app by finally integrating it with Evernote, Github, and Gcal. Thanks to a new API that allows these anticipated integrations with three of the most popular productivity apps for Android today. These changes arrived  together with the new Developer Platform plus the introduction of Doist's Global Developer Challenge. The latter is a special event where developers can enter their own Todoist integration ideas for a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes.

SoundHound announces Hound app, Houndify Developer Platform

SoundHound has been providing sound recognition and related technologies the past years and the company isn't going on a break soon. In fact, it has recently introduced a new mobile voice interface app called Hound and the Houndify Developer Platform, a new developer platform for a "smart, voice-enabled, and conversational interface to anything".

Samsung partners with designers for accessories for Galaxy S6, S6 edge

Samsung has released their new collection of accessories for the new flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. And these aren't just any simple smartphone cases, but rather beautifully designed cases from handpicked brands and designers that they believe match their philosophy of forward-thinking fusion of fashion and technology. The accessories, along with other audio and power products will be available in the Galaxy Essentials app that comes with the two smartphones out of the box.
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