Portable photo printers have been pretty popular in the past years as a lot of people actually want print versions of their digital photos from their smartphones or cameras. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link is one of the most popular ones in the market and now we’re getting a new version. The Instax Link WIDE smartphone printer brings a wider and larger printer for your photo needs. It may not be as wallet-size friendly as the Instax Mini pictures but if you need bigger photos, then this is something to look forward to.

The wide-format smartphone printer brings photos that are twice the size of a regular credit card, specifically 86mm x 108mm. The Instax mini print is the size of one credit card at 86mm x 54mm so this new one may not fit into that wallet you carry around but it may be the perfect size for your picture frame or your journaling page. The wide-format is also perfect for group photos or landscape photography which usually don’t look great when printed out in the Instax Mini.

There will also be a dedicated app for the Link WIDE so users can edit and format photos before printing. There are two tones that you can choose from, depending on the subject matter of your photo. The “instax-Natural” gives off the signature Instax soft touch to the prints or the new “instax-Rich” mode that brings more vivid and richer colors. The app also has a QR Print mode to generate a QR code that can be printed on the photo. It can lead to a voice message, text message, location data, website URL and other information.

The app also haas 29 design templates for various occasions and editable colors and fonts. They will also soon introduce a new instax wide-format film “BLACK” for those who prefer a black frame rather than the usual Polaroid-type white. There will also be a Wide Album and an Acrylic Photo Frame to join the new wide-format instax prints. The printer is also compatible with Fujifilm’s X-S10 mirrorless camera so it can print directly there without a phone.

The Instax Link WIDE will come in “Ash White” and “Mocha Gray” colors and will officially be available by October 22. It is priced at $149.95 while the BLACK film will sell for $21.99 per pack of 10.